Mary Jan Hedman2016 in Review


Welcome to St. Joe Valley Metronet's 2016 Annual Review.

2016 was another "educational" year for St. Joe Valley Metronet as we continue to fulfill our mission of connecting schools in St. Joseph and Marshall Counties. During the year, we connected 13 school facilities and made a "Lit by Metronet" grant to South Bend Code School to help support the growth of the area's technology economy by teaching coding to teens and young adults.

Metronet now has more than 180 miles of fiber serving nearly 230 organizations. As our network and subscriber base grow, so too does our staff. Jennifer Buck joined Metronet's team as Business Development Assistant in August to assist with our subscriber growth.

The network grew to reach more subscribers and to continue our strategy of building resiliency. Metronet also started enhancing the network to better protect our subscribers in the event of a catastrophic event. This disaster recovery project will be complete in 2017.

A surge in new housing, restaurants, shops and businesses proves Downtown South Bend is attracting and serving more and more people. The City of South Bend is doing its part to make downtown more welcoming by offering free wifi access. Metronet's dark fiber connects a network of 30 wireless access points covering the downtown area.

Metronet was excited to see an increase in use by manufacturing operations in South Bend, Mishawaka and Plymouth. Modern manufacturing depends on fast and reliable broadband to monitor logistics, connect facilities, access data centers and streamline operations. Network expansions in 2016 brought Metronet fiber within reach of more manufacturing subscribers.

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Mary Jan Hedman
Chief Executive Officer