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Having trouble with your internet connectivity? Try these steps first.

  • Check integrity of lateral connecting building to network. Has anyone been digging on your property?
  • Call your service provider to see if it has a problem.
  • Check patch cords to make sure they are fully seated.
  • Cycle switches by turning the power off and on.
  • Swap out patch cords.
  • Have new modules or switches been installed or any other subscriber equipment changed?
  • Confirm that the new equipment is correctly installed and functioning.
  • Call the Network Operations Center to report a service outage. The 24-hour report line is 866-SJVM-HELP (866-758-6435)
  • If the NOC confirms the outage is network-related, then switch to backup or discuss alternative with Metronet.
Still having trouble? Call 866-758-6435 for customer support.

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